Leading Innovation + Developing the Ecosystem

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RevTech Labs Healthtech is a program created and run by RevTech Labs, an organization out of Charlotte that has been focused on building a global community of support for fintech, insurtech and healthtech startups. Each of their programs takes a holistic approach to the Founder journey to create the ultimate roadmap for growth and success.

RevTech Labs Healthtech's guiding principles are one in the same as their umbrella organization, RevTech Labs.

Support the Journey

Incubate | Creating a community that fosters growth, drives innovation and inspires collaboration. 

Accelerate | Helping Founders become better Founders.

Scale | Helping Founders become CEOs.

Inclusive Community

Providing a voice for our community with an international platform for thought leadership and innovation.

Ignite Innovation 

Helping Founders and corporations alike, prioritize and cultivate innovation for continual success.

Building the Ecosystem

After seeing significant growth in momentum in both the fintech and insurtech ecosystems, we saw an urgent need to bring the same energy and innovation to the healthtech vertical. In 2019, we made our first venture into healthtech with our partners at IBM, recruiting international, early stage healthtechs to take part in the HyperProtect program.

January 2020

After extensive recruiting, we welcomed our first cohort with IBM in our joint HyperProtect accelerator program. This is a year long program offering Founders virtual mentorship, introduction to our extensive mentor and investor network and programming to improve pitches, Founder relations, marketing, brand creation and more. 

November 2020

Coming in November, we will be launching our applications to the first RevTech Labs Healthtech Cohort! We'll be looking for healthtech Founders who are preparing for Series A. 

January 2021

In January 2021, we'll be on-boarding our first RevTech Labs Healthtech Cohort. This 12-week program will run parallel to our other programs, RTL Fintech and RTL Insurtech, and will provide our Founders with the mentorship, capital infusion, and learning opportunities they need to accelerate the growth of their healthtech startup.